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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vineyard Beatle Show, "Just Four Guys" plays a Gino Vanelli song

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to a seemingly unassuming Beatle podcast, the unthinkable happens. If you were minding your own business Tuesday afternoon (July 28th) and looking forward to a new installment of "Just Four Guys" on, you had no idea that the host of the show would commit musical heresy. 
The theme of this week's show was "Pillow Talk" (Beatle Style). Basically, I went into the show with the mindset of your typical, schmaltzy & insincere "Pillow Talk" radio host - Low Tone of Voice, REALLY into myself, dispensing some Love suggestions and waxing eloquent about whatever came to mind. SO, to get it all going, I started the podcast with Gino Vanelli's "Living Inside Myself" (a staple of soft rock stations all across the United States). For me, it was the natural choice to begin such a ridiculous show. It's my sincere hope that it rocked the "Fab" infrastructure of Beatle Lovers everywhere. A collective "WTF" was the desired effect. WHY? Because almost every Beatle Show on the planet does the expected thing - Beatle Songs, Bootlegs, Outtakes, Conversations, Movie Clips, and Boring-Ass commentary about what was happening in the studio with J,P,G & R. Am I interested in all the minutiae? Absolutely! But I'd rather read about it than hear someone drone on about something that's been documented over and over and over..... UNLESS, it can be made interesting (Uh, Oh... I'm digressing like a bastard. Reel it in boy...).

Anyway, the UNEXPECTED is an element I fully embrace for my program. Have I done the expected thing (like the aforementioned)? Yup. However, it's my sincere wish that I've put a spin on those things that provided a different perspective. But snapping your head around by engaging in the "WTF" is the only way I'll feel successful.

A good song is a good song, and Gino Vanelli's "Living Inside Myself" is a damned good song. And it was totally utilitarian for this week's theme.

If you were pleased, great. If you were pissed or nauseated, even better.

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Zach said...

Hi. What are your guys' names?

We're Justin, David, Zach, and Justin.

Nice to see you four guys doing well.