Beatle Paisan

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

It's stunning to me just how ignorant people can come off. Ever since MJ died the other day, the negative commentary about his court case(s) have been upper-most in the minds of those who must secretly fantasize about that sort of thing. The fact is this - nothing has ever been proven. Was he odd? Yup. Did he have a Peter Pan complex? Sure did. Was he a musical genius & performer? Absolutely. Did he deserve to die at the age of 50 (as some believe)? Absolutely not.
As Beatle Fans, we know that John Lennon has essentially been canonized by many. Was HE a Saint? Hell no. Was he odd? Yup. Could he be cruel sometimes? Yes. Was he a musical genius and engaging performer? Absolutely.

My point is this: You're going to run into a lot of peckerheads out there - all spouting the negative about Michael Jackson. Don't even engage these people. You'll never turn their minds in the direction of clarity and reality (or COMPASSION for that matter).

As we did - do - with the memory of John Lennon, appreciation & reverence for an amazingly talented, yet tortured soul is all we should engage in.

Believe me - I could be downright vicious to & about these people who tear MJ down. I once had a "friend" who thought that Freddie Mercury deserved to die of AIDS. For that - and many other reasons - we haven't spoken in over 13 years.

Ignorance & myopia are things I'll never suffer.